A very personal relationship has formed between Seeds of Change and the schools in Kenya. This has resulted in a remarkable transformation physically at the schools, as we work on construction projects that will enhance learning and provide safe environments for the students. Emotional transformations have resulted as well, through annual mission trips that allow participants from the U.S. to meet the individuals benefitting from this involvement.



Dusty, dark classrooms with broken chairs and desks have been transformed into a bright, cool space that is conducive for learning – each girl now has her own desk!

The old barracks style dorms now sit under the shadow of a beautiful three story dorm that allows for a matrons quarter on each floor.

Previous dorms with barely useable beds have been replaced with sturdy bunks and mattresses, individual space for each girl, and functional bathrooms with running water.

"Our fears, our insecurities, our dreams and our joy — those are the things that bind us together as people. Those are the things that we will remember in our lives. "
- Lauren Studer, Mission Hope, 2017 Trip

"Until we go to heaven, you'll never know how many students we've helped. Because when you help one, she helps many more. That's what makes us go. We never planned for this. We just saw a need and met it."
- Esther Muiu, Travellers' Oasis Centre

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