Mission Greenhouse

Mission Greenhouse represents a fundraising effort for the Travellers' Oasis Centre in Kenya, combined with annual mission trips to the school.

What is Mission Greenhouse?

For the past 4 years, POET and Seeds of Change have developed a relationship with the Travellers' Oasis Centre in Sultan Hamud, Kenya. In that time, we've helped the school fund and construct various projects:


To nourish the souls, minds and bodies of some of Kenya’s brightest, but most vulnerable girls by providing them with a quality, faith-based education in a safe environment.

$1000 = 1 student, 1 year, shelter, clothing, food, education
In 2013 the team helped build the first of many greenhouses designed to provide local food and teach self-reliance. In 2014 the team began work on a new student dormitory, and in 2015 they returned to assist with finishing touches. Travellers in 2016 began work on a new kitchen and dining hall.


2013 TRIP

2014 TRIP

2015 TRIP

2016 TRIP

"These beautiful, smart and determined girls realize an education is something to be treasured. They value their education and are striving each and every day at the school for a better future."
- Kate Slattery, Mission Greenhouse, 2015 Trip

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